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    Adding form data to a MS Access/SQL database



      I will be creating a number of PDF forms for completion by engineers who service air conditioning units to record the condition of various components in the units.  Once the form is completed I would like to submit the data to a MS Access/SQL database (i have not made my mind up with one to use).


      I am a programmed (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, JavaScript etc.) but not really worked with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and LiveCycle.


      I am looking for some references/support in the following areas:


      1. Shoud I use Access or SQL.  I understand if i use Access I would have to setup a 'connection' for each computer that would be using the PDFs.  Also, i feel I would lose a lot of the power of SQL by using Access.
      2. I was thinking of creating a w web service that points at a SQL database. Are there any good examples of a PDF form that does this?  Also, does this remove the need to create a connection for every computer that will be using the PDFs?


      I thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions.