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    How to remove Button from Flex Mobile app actionbar with AS3?

    BryBam Level 1

      How exactly would i remove a Button from the actionBar "actionContent" in a flex mobile app?



      I tried these:











      I'm not having any luck with those. Im guessing where it is located in the actioncontent isn't considered the stage. Any ideas?






                              <s:CalloutButton id="menu_btn" icon="@Embed('assets/images/menu/menu_btn.png')" visible="false">


                                        <s:Button id="btn_one" label="Button" />








      The actionContent is setup like that, I know like with most mxml stuff I could give it an ID to reference it but im not sure how how to give the action content an id number `<s:actionContent id="testID">` does not work. So how can i access this to remove it? making it invisible isn't cutting it i need to actually remove it.