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    Duplicating and rescaling keyframes




      I have a small animation I am working on. It is a simple PNG with some effects applied (shadow and such). I have it fade in. I vary the shadow distance, opacity and softness to make it pulsate for a while, and then it exits using the Scatterize effect. I am pretty satisfied with the result. But now I need 10 total. It was pretty easy to duplicate the first one, move it slightly in the comp and then shift the layer in the timeline to make it start its animation a bit later. So far so good. My question is, is there some way to make the original version a master copy of some kind, so that if I want to continue to tweak the timing of the keyframes I can have the changes apply to all ten copies?


      Also, in the "pulsing" section. If I want it to pulse longer, or change the timing of the pulsing, is there an easy way to do this? I did what I have by copying and pasting. I would rather some way to say "repeat these two keyframes X number of times with Y frames in between each."


      Right now, I just have two copies. Here is a screen capture.


      Thanks so much.