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    Caption text

    kchandler Level 1

      Hi can anyone help?


      When I record a project in Captivate 5 the Captions always adds 2 lines of text in the caption.  This is regardless of how many words are in the caption.  For example

      "Click the file Menu item"  will always display as 

      "Click the file Menu


      Even if there is 20 words in the caption the result is the same.


      I am using Arial 22 Left and Center alignment. No Caption timing or Autosize.  I have changed the Autosize and Caption timing options, with the same result.


      I then must go through the entire project resizing the captions to one lines.


      Am I doing something wrong?


      Any help appreciated





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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          It would have helped if you post a screenshot, because just the text doesn't explain very well. But I think you bump into the padding, the white margins inside the text captions. Which style of caption do you use?


          You do not have to change the dimensions of the captions one by one, when you have changed one using the Transform (for 5.5) or Size&Position (for 5) accordion, you can use the small curved arrow on top right to apply those settings to all captions.




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            kchandler Level 1

            Hi Lilybiri


            Thank you for this, it has made my project a lot easier to manage.