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    error installing flash player


      I download the installation file, have tried saving it and just opening it directly after downloading from adobe.com and filehippo.  I have verified that I am downloading for the correct version of windows and that I want to use it for Internet Explorer.  I saw some forum post semi related to my issue which recommended uninstalling all previous versions of flash player and I have done that.


      My problem is that when i go to run the installation file I get an error that says it can no longer run scripts on this page.  Gives me a line #, some other stuff and this http://localhost:1919/app/_host/host.js.  I have only seen this error on websites, why would it come from an installation file and what do I need to do to get rid of it?  Flash player has never given me a problem before.  I need some things that I can do.


      Computer information.  Windows XP SP3.  IE version 8 (the highest that can go on an XP computer).