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    advanced character formatting disabled?

    md_hills Level 1

      I've been using InDesign CS3 on my mac without issue.


      Recently had a coworker on a pc trying to use InDesign CS 5.5, but he was having a problem with character styles.

      He wants to set up a character style with a baseline shift specified, but the majority of the parameters in the Advanced Character Formats panel of the character style sheet were disabled (grayed-out and not editable). E.g., "Horizontal Scale", "Vertical Scale", "Baseline Shift", and "Skew" could not be set.  Notably, the Language menu was available, but didn't seem to affect the others.


      I tried creating a new document, set up a new text block and saw a similar issue.  Changing the language in that panel and changing the font to Myriad didn't seem to change this behavior.


      Is there some requirement for either Windows or CS 5.5 that might affect this?  (ie, some dependence on what type of font is in use, etc.?)