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    OSMF YouTube Plugin


      Hey guys,

      I've been trying to get a YouTube plugin implementation working with an OSMF based video player that I am creating. At this point, I have managed to get a version working using source code that I found somewhere online. The problem is this plugin is not handling sizing correctly, and as such the size of the videos is incorrect. I have found a few references to YouTube plugins on the OSMF site; however, I can't seem to find anything concrete that would suggest there is a currently supported or event suggested plugin for this purpose.


      1. Can anyone tell if there is a supported (suggested/stable) YouTube plugin for OSMF out there?

      2. Failing nubmer one, can anyone point me to some information regarding how to handle sizing when creating a custom plugin?


      In my app, I have a MediaContainer on the stage that is set to 100% width and height, and I would like to be able to have the youtube videos I load respect this.

      Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!





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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee



          The YouTube plugin source is in the osmf source files - you can find them on svn or downloadable as a zip.


          Please check the project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/osmf.adobe/


          We have known issues on it, please check them at : https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/ST . Enter ST youtube in  the quicksearch box. There's a possibility you encountered one of the deferred bugs.


          You can check its behavior on StrobeMediaPlayback  - it should give you more details on how it works with a player.



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            ktyacke Level 1

            Hi Silviu,

            Thank you for the response. I did manage to find the youtube plugin in the zip you pointed me to. I am curious, however, why this plugin is nowhere to be found in the source code that I downloaded from osmf.org?


            At this point, I have the plugin working, but am trying to resolve a few issues (mostly related to the youtube player not sizing correctly). Do you know anyone I might talk to to get some help/pointers from for fixing this issue? I know some of the problems I am encountering have already been logged as bugs quite some time ago, so perhaps this would be an opportunity to get them fixed..





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              Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee

              Hi Kyle,


              what link are you talking about (with the zip without the code)? We could use this oportunity to fix it.


              Regarding the issues, the best way is to comment on them and to ask for specific issues to be fixed here on the forum.


              This will help us re-prioritize them.



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                ktyacke Level 1

                Hi Silviu,

                The link I am referring to is:

                http://sourceforge.net/projects/osmf.adobe/files/ . This is the link from

                the osmf.org homepage labeled "OSMF Source (with docs)." I have download the

                "Final source with docs" .zip files for both the 1.5 and 1.6 releases, and

                neither of them have the YouTube plugin anywhere in the source code. Beyond

                this, I generally found it quite difficult to track this plugin down.

                Searching google returned few helpful results, and in general it appears as

                though there is no OSMF YouTube plugin available. I mention this, so that

                you might take steps to make this information (and this plugin) more readily

                available to other developers.


                As for the fixes required in the plugin:


                It seems that the biggest issue has to do with sizing of the player. The

                YouTube chromeless player handles scaling of the video (along with loading

                the appropriate sized/quality video) internally. The way to tell the player

                to update the size and potentially load a new quality video is by calling

                the chromeless players setSize() method. At first glance, it appears that

                the YouTube OSMF plugin is setup to do this; however, upong debugging the

                plugin you will quickly find that this is not the case (or at least that it

                is not happening correctly).


                What I am trying to figure out is how to have updates to the

                MediaContainer's size get sent through to the YouTube plugin (which controls

                the YouTubeDisplayObjectTrait) and have the plugin call the Chromeless

                Players setSize() method passing through the new size of the MediaContainer.



                I would be more than happy to make these fixes myself, but unfortunately, I

                have been unable to figure out exactly what needs to be done at this point.

                If someone on your team could provide some guidance as to how I can go about

                resolving the aforementioned issue (i.e. how to tell the plugin to respond

                to changes in the mediacontainers size, and which classes in the OSMF plugin

                architecture would handle these updates), I will make the changes myself,

                and could submit the code back into source control (if you provide me with a

                repo) or simply send it to you once it is working.


                Thanks again for your fast responses on this, and I hope that someone will

                be able to provide further insight into my specific issues.


                Kyle Tyacke