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    Saving PDF to last folder


      I have Adobe Reader X 10.0.0, PDF Version 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x). I have been saving PDF's for years, and each time I save, it goes to the last folder I saved to? The other day, I had approximately 15 PDF's that had been scanned to me, and after I had saved 5 of these documents normally, it then started going straight to a temporary folder, and has done ever since, which means I have to go through all the folders to get the one I desire? I have spoken to our I.T. department and they believe its a problem with PDF and not with our system, and I believe otherwise. I can use Recent Places, but when you have done the same thing for years, and the amount I do, change is not always good

      Has anyone encountered the same problem, and can help?