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    making/converting ttf 2 otf Open type? can help me anyone in this matter?

    ik_sajid70 Level 1

      I am new user concerning open type fonts. I don't know about much features. But after some learning I have produced a Unicode Basic Latin & Arabic supported ttf unicode font


      with FontCreator 6.0. I have added Open Type Arabic features by MS Volt. My font is working correctly with Arabic & Basic Latin features as a TTF Unicode Font. But I want that


      my font work as Open Type & its has icon as that of an Open Type TTF font.

      Please guide me that can I convert my this ttf font into Open Type font OR I have to remake the font from scratch. If I have to make it from scratch please guide that What are


      basic features tables of Open Type and how can I add them? I have downloaded Adobe FDK but I cannot uderstand how to use it. What is difference between Open Type TTF & Open Type


      CFF fonts?

      I will be very thankful to you if you provide me basic step by step instructions in this regard.