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    work on FB4.5 and Flash5.5 simultanoiusly - lack of code hints and default package classes.

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      I setup Flash Professional CS5.5 and FB4.5 to work together. I just followed this tutorial: http://www.adobe.com/content/dotcom/en/devnet/flash-builder/articles/sharing-projects-flas hbuilder-flash.html and almost all looks good, but unfortunately working in Flash Builder adding new Classes I do not have default package Classes accessible. This way I can not even declare Sprite, Array class and so on. In code hints I only gets my current package classes.

      I set the .fla project inside Flash CS5.5 with some folders as the package for my classes. It is for examle:

      com.myDomain.testProject where DocClass exists. By adding this path as the document for FlashCS5.5 all works great, I can easily run, debug movie in the Flash environment.

      Setting this project by 'Import'->'FlashBuilder-FlashBuilderProject'->'ProjectFolder' pointing to the .fla file it seems that the thing goes well. The project is set and even I had some problems with Document Class's name (it seems that Flash Builder need to have Document Class with the same name as the .fla flie) and renaming it I can run or debug it and it works.

      But if I try to add new class to the directory I end up with no code hints, and in fact no default package classes support. That means I get errors trying to create instance of any common class etc. In code hints I am only getting my package hints (look picture)



      Maybe I misunderstand of some package basics and did something wrong, but generally I don't want to put all my classes to the .fla location but to sort them up in specific folders cause I assume that the project is quite large.

      If you can help me, thanks in advance. You know messing up with the code is a part of the programmer nature, and when one finds the answer he feels like a king. When to deal with environments like that, there is never joy and hapiness, but in most occasions couple uncensural words in the end, and a glimpse on the watch - agrrrhh I lost so much time :/