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    Webhelp forcefully generating files with lowercase filepath

    panchamee Level 1



      I have a list of APIs in the TOC that has the folder names in Sentence case;


      The TOC is somewhat like this:


      -Product APIs


      ------API documentation


      ------------foo API1

      ------------foo API2

      ------------foo API2

      ------Webservices API documentation







      The path to an API in Foo in the auto-generated files, such as in whdata, should be: /product_apis/xyz/webservices/Foo.


      However, the path in the the auto-generated files changes to /product_apis/xyz/webservices/foo/

      (note 'Foo' changes to 'foo')

      Since Linux is case-sensitive, these API links do not work in Linux.


      I have replaced all such instances by using a search and replace tool.

      But this is only temporary.



      How do I make sure the files maintain the correct case of the filepath or foldernames


      Thanks and regards,