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    Logged in as non-administrator Premiere plays only 1 second..


      As an administrator I can play everything on Premiere, no problem. But when I log in with another account who does not have acces to all programs and utilities. If I start Premiere CS4 as an account with not all acces and I drag my movies into my video timeline and press play to preview my video it stops within 1 second.

      Because as an adminstrator I have no problem playing, I think it's got something to do with the acces to the programs and utilities. Any idea what should be on for playing preview in Premiere?


      I work on an Imac, OsX 10.6.8, Premiere CS4 and already gave the account acces to:


      Adobe Soundbooth

      Adobe After Effects

      Adobe Premiere Pro

      Adobe Media Encoder CS4

      Adobe Media Player CS4

      Adobe After Effects Render Engine



      Audio/Midi Configuration