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    Random underlining in content

      I've imported a Word document into the Help System I'm working on and it inserted underlines at random places throughout the content. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it. I saw this before on content I copied/pasted from a Word document into Robohelp. I was able to remove it from that one, but unfortunately, this content is too long to manually do that.

      Any suggestions on why this is happening and what to do about it? Thanks!!

      Edited to add: I noticed that the text that appears undererlined in the browser (but not in Robohelp) was assigned another style "msoins0". It has underline properties. Don't know where this style came from...
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          It's not a style, per se.

          Before you import a Word document, you need to remove all insertions/deletions from any previous "Track Changes" activity. Is it an Accept All selection, or some such?

          Good luck,
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            No track changes... However, I played around with this and found that when I exported the content of the help file into a Word document (which is how this document was created), it converted certain text to one of two character styles (that it created - they are not ones that I've seen/used before). The styles were "msodel", which showed strikethrough and red, and "msoins", which showed in black text with underline.

            To fix this problem before Iimported the document, I opened the Word document and modified these styles so that neither contained strikethrough, red or underline. Then Imported it into the Help Project.

            All is well, but I still don't know why it did that in the first place.
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              I believe that if you investigate further, you'll find that those are Track Changes. mso del is deleted text, and mso ins is inserted text.

              Select Tools > Track Changes. You might also have to select View > Toolbars > Reviewing, which gives you the buttons for Next, Accept Change, etc. To eliminate all those change marks at once, click the arrow next to Accept Change, and then click Accept All Changes in Document.

              Good luck,