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    How to automate an AIR app in windows/linux?

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      I have an app originally written in Flex 3 for the web to query a database and display the results as a chart which could also be exported as a png file. For both functions, it accesses some backend Java resources. Then I had to automate this app so that it would spit out these static images for simple html pages or non-flash browsers. Since I developed everything on the mac and had the Java server for testing there, I transferred the app to an Xserve running Mac OS X server 10.5. Everything is still working fine, but now IT is wanting to replace the server and since Apple no longer makes a viable server for our needs, I need to transfer everything over to some other server. Since I have almost no experience with windows or linux servers, what would people recommend and what would be the steps necessary to get this running?

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          What if you have a singleton class containing the list of items that were clicked on. When an item is clicked, it is added to the list of clicked items. Inside the renderer, access that object and check to see if the item being rendered is in the list, if it is, set the style to look like a visited link, if not set it to look like something not visited.