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    Downloading/Opening a Presenter File on a Mac




      We design educational programming and have used Adobe Presenter for as long as we've been in operation in order to deliver slides that teachers can download to use in their classroom, but that are also delivered in a secure way.


      Here is an example:  https://backup.filesanywhere.com/fs/v.aspx?v=8b716b885f606fad9ba4


      Recently we've recieved a flurry of emails from users saying they are unable to open the files on their systems.  We know the relationship between Adobe and Apple can be touchy, but until recently we had no problem whatsoever with users that ran on Mac operating systems downloading and using the files (this is our third year using Presenter in this way).


      Does anyone know if there is a direct or workaround solution for this?




      If there is not, can anyone recommend an alternative program that will allow teachers to use a "slide" function, but will also allow us to deliver the files in a way that does not allow them to be edited?




      I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts on this issue!



      Kyle Baker

      Program Coordinator

      Institute for Excellence & Ethics



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          VideoPep Level 2

          Hi Kyle,


          I downloaded the PDF from the shared location and checked it on  MAC (Lion 10.7). I am able to play the presentation properly.

          Please let me know  following details:-

          1) Which version of Preseter you are using for publishing this presentation and 

          2) Which Presenter version you used for earlier presentation when there were no cutomer issues.

          3) Secondly, on which Mac version do we see this issue?


          Another point I want to mention is please ask your users to use Adobe Reader 9 or later for viewing the file. For older version of Adobe Reader is not supported.




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            Heyward Drummond Level 3

            First, let me say that Adobe is Apple's largest software development partner and the two work hand in hand every day for product support issues. Yes, Apple does not allow Adobe Flash to operate on their iOS devices becuase of their desire to control the battery experience of their devices. However, Flash is easily installed on most Mac's. So, please don't confuse the Adobe Flash disagreement with Apple as "touchy" for the entire relationship. Adobe is a large customer of Apple and we sell a lot of software through the Apple Store.


            Second, the files should play fine on Mac's. Adobe Reader is fully supported on Mac OSX. I do think you may have outdated versions of Reader. Must be version 9 or greater.