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    Runaway reload, Webhelp on the iPad


      Back in December I created a WebHelp Help file for an iPad application (RoboHelp 8).  Seemed to work fine back then. 6 months later, a developer reported that some graphics and objects were flashing onscreen. He did something to the HTML code, I think on every topic page, which allegedly cured the problem then.


      Now I'm redoing the Help file. In looking at the earlier, live Help file, something is very wrong. A few topics render fine, then the reloading starts.  TOC window resizes, nav bar graphics flash, topic content line breaks start shifting around.  After a short while, touch input no longer works on the TOC, and you have to exit Help. In other words, not usable. Nothing like this happens on the full Safari version on my Windows 7 desktop. But the iPad doesn't use that full version. My guess is, something changed in that software. 


      The problem goes beyond the live version of Help. Another developer here is testing recent output, the newer Help file I just finished. It's doing the same thing on the iPad.


      I have no idea where to start. Is there some setting in my Webhelp output that could be to blame?  Do I have to modify HTML code somehow in topics, or whtopic.js?


      Thanks for your help!

      Michael D.