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    Toshiba laptops ? - Beware...


      Sent a Qosmio laptop to Toshiba for warranty repairs on Aug 6th with a detailed message stating that the left mouse button sticks. Checking status online only verified that they received it.  Made a couple calls and got nowhere, until Sept 15th a “manager” insured me that it would be back to me within 2 to 3 business days. Today, Sept 28th, I call to find out that the plastic cover was just replaced and drives FULLY REFORMATTED back to factory settings. I was told that is their common practice– all laptops that come in for repairs have to leave set up in the same original factory settings that they first left with….


      -- And, in response to me stating that had I been informed that was the case I would have removed the drives before I sent it in, the manager stated “then we would have refused to make any repairs to it sir”


      (no, i didnt loose any original data or files, but...)


      For a laptop, after installing a second drive and 8gb of ram, I was relatively pleased with the performance and bfyb.  But -- No more Toshibas. Wow.