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    Greens are blocky on Export

    Keith Moreau Level 1

      I have a very strange problem... Using Premiere Pro 5.5.1, Mac OS X 10.6.8, NVidia Quadro 4000 and clips that needed pretty severe color correction to match another camera. The camera is a JVC HM100 using the XDCAM EX codec with 1080 30P framesize/rate. I have run a couple 3-way color correctors, a RGB color corrector, a gaussian blur and a luma corrector filter on the clips. I have them looking pretty good while in Premiere Pro, when I export them, no matter the format, H.264 or Prores, the green is blocky, like somehow there are only a couple of shades of green.


      I've tried a bunch of things, putting the sequence into best quality mode, using high quality render, turning off MPE, nothing seems to help. I'm considering just doing the clips in Colorista II but wanted to ask if anybody has a simple solution to this?


      Screenshots are here:




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Can you post the images directly into this forum, instead of a labyrinthine zip file?  (The little camera icon at the top of the text dialog will do it.)

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            Keith Moreau Level 1

            OK sorry about that.


            Here are the photos:


            From PPro Program Monitor.pngExport_Green_Blocky.png

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              Colin Brougham Level 6



              That is weird. My first guess was that the green was somehow being keyed, like when you use On2 VP6/FLV, but I saw it happens with every export.


              My next guess is that perhaps its an MPEG decoding error. Do you see the red "X" down at the bottom of the screen when playing through this clip? If so, when you click on it, does it say anything about MPEG decoding?


              Have you tried exporting this segment without any of the effects in place, just doing a raw video to output export? What happens to this segment when you do that?

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                H.264 or Prores


                Both of those can go into the MOV container.  Have you tried an export without using QuickTime?

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                  Keith Moreau Level 1

                  I don't believe H.264 uses a mov container, the extension generated by the encoder is .mp4, no quicktime.

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                    Keith Moreau Level 1

                    Colin, it's clear a combination of the color correction effects causes the problem, though they shouldn't. I'm using all RGB and 3 way throughout, which are 32 bit cuda effects. For a while there were weird black blocks even when viewing in the PPro program monitor, but a reordering of the effects in the chain made that go away. I've never seen this before 5.5.1, though honestly I don't know if I've ever used 3x3 way and 1 RGB along with blur, maybe too much for my system or Premiere pro, though I don't see why. I could probably get away with fewer effects. I'm having a feeling the RGB color corrector is the problem, I just started using it for my main color corrector upon advice of a pro color correction expert. However I find it pretty slow and unresponsive.

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      I would guess that you've uncovered some sort of bug in one or more of the CC effects. Total shot in the dark, but perhaps what is happening is that pixels are being pushed farther out of range to the point of disintegration when you stack the CC effects in a certain way--it's not seen on the internal display, but once processed by the Pr rendering engine, they show up as mush. The "weird black blocks" sounds troublesome, too...


                      I'd normally immediately say "that's a CUDA problem," but since you've exported without hardware MPE and still seen this, that indicates the effects themselves. I've never seen anything like that, so short of coming up with the right combination of effects, I think your only solution is to take a wholly different approach to correcting the shot.


                      That would make a worthwhile bug report, if you can do so: Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form


                      If you do figure out a solution, post back in case someone comes upon this in their own projects.

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                        Keith Moreau Level 1

                        Hi Colin


                        I think it is a bug, but I was able to trace it to any combination of the accelerated effects and the RGB Color Corrector. If I removed the RGB Color corrector from the mix, then the greens were not blocky. I suppose it was possible that whatever I set in there caused the problem, but it wasn't that extreme, and it's a 32 bit effect. Also it seemed that once I encountered the problem, Premiere Pro would remember it even when I didn't have the RGB Color corrector in the mix, making other CUDA effects cause the problem on export as well. I restart / reboot seemed to clean it out. I was mostly just doing s small reduction of red and green in it to get the blues to pop out more. Too bad because I had a very good color correction using this filter, I couldn't quite duplicate it with another effect, I wound up using the RGB Balance to approximate it, which is also acellerated.


                        I do have to say that I'm experiencing some strangeness in the acclerated effects since the 5.5.1 update on my Mac, but this could be an illusion. However stacking these effects should be trouble free. I also experience quite a bit of lagginess when stacking the effects, like, I can make a small change, and it can take a second or 2 to update the program monitor on my 2nd monitor. Sometimes it doesn't update at all and I have to move the timeline a bit for it to recognize that something has changed. I was wondering if there was some incompatibility between the CUDA in 5.5.1 and my NVidia 4000, Nvidia hasn't released an updated for Mac 10.6.8 since June, about the time that 5.5 came out.


                        Also I'm getting a lot of stalls when exporting, usually with media encoder 5.5.1, but occasionally from a direct export from Premiere Pro, which results in a hang, having to force quit and restart the Mac.


                        I like Premiere Pro a lot, I'm feeling maybe my machine is too slow for what I'm trying to do (it's a 2008 Mac Pro Octo). I want to update, but there hasn't been a Mac Pro worthy to update to. Hopefully Apple will come out with one soon. (No Joe Simon, I'm not ready to ditch Apple and Mac computers yet...:)

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                          I'm having the same problem. Working with a video that's graded to B&W. The result is below.


                          Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 1.49.48 PM.png

                          No CUDA enabled card, only using the Three-Way Color Corrector on an adjustment layer. Seems bugs are coming from accelerated effects? I also exported the same sequence with a very similar grade last week and the green issue did not happen. Only seems to show up in the black areas.