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    Why Can't I Rename a Sequence?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Ok, so I'm in the project panel, right?  Minding my own buiz and doing what I do.  I want to rename a sequence that I've instinctively named "fat chick" because, well, uh, she was a bit heavy (and in a bikini).  Well, now I need to show the "fat chick" that's paying me what her sequence looks like.  So I want to change "fat chick" to "cute lady" so she's happy.  But guess what?  I can right-click and hit rename, but I never get further than that.  I can't rename it.  So I had to show her the sequence and hope she'd only see the video, not the name of the sequence. 


      What's weird is I can rename a whole bunch of other sequences, but the other half of the time I can't.  Oh, I can rename it if it's sitting in the timeline of another sequence... but it only changes it there in the timeline.  (I've posted on this before I realize this is a limitation in Premiere).  But this is different.  I want to rename sequences from the project panel but can't.


      Now she's all mad at me and threatening a lawsuit becaue I hurt her feelings, yada, yada.  It's a disaster... all this because I couldn't change the sequence name.


      Ok, so the story's made up, but the renaming problem is true.  Is this a bug?  How can I rename sequences when they don't want to be renamed and are perfectly satisfied with the first name I gave them?