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    Scrubbing choppy in CS5.5


      I recently switched from FCP to Premiere CS5 and it seems that scrubbing is ridiculously slow in premiere.  I'm running a quad core with 8 gigs of ram and when I try to slowly scrub in the preview window or the timeline it skips around and almost seems to freeze.  I edit a lot of documentary style video and I typically scrub through big portions to make sure no mistakes are visable, but scrubbing in premiere is so slow that as I scrub it shows a few frames every minute of footage or so.  There's no way to accurately preview anythign while scrubbing.  I've tried this on 3 different computers, all very fast computers, and I have the same problem on everyone.  Is this how Premiere works for everyone?  I would rather switch to FCP6 if that's the case. 


      Also, is there any way to play back footage at double speed without having the chipmunk voice effect?  In FCP I could play things back twice as fast and still understand what's being said, I can't do this in premiere since it plays things back in a chipmunk voice.  That's also a dealbreaker for me, as I edit a ton of interviews, and I save time by listening to the interviews at double playback. Any fix for this as well??



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          lasvideo Level 4

          On my Mac I have no problems similar to what you are describing.


          For anyone to respond you need to provide LOTS more information on ...computer stats / clip properties  / sequence settings / playback resolution in Program monitor/ raid array configuration...


          In Premiere Pro I am not aware of any way to de-chipmunk media running at 2x or more.


          Tom Daigon

          Avid DS / PrP / After Effects Editor


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            needles27 Level 3

            Having the detail as Tom mentioned would help people help you easier- but have you upgraded to 5.5.1?  They improved H.264 scrubbing quite a bit with that update.  Also, I have the same request as you do about the 2X shuttling - much better on FCP at this point - and the only thing you can do is join in with a feature request for the next version. 

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Use Shift+L multiple times to increase playback incrementally (I think 25% each time) which will give you much smoother audio playback.


              No need to request it--it's already there.

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                cinevita Level 1

                Here are my computers specs:

                2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 (iMac) (Quad core)

                8GB 1067 MHz DDR3

                Version 10.6.8


                I've tried this on many different types of footage, mostly using Proress or native 5D files. My playback resolution is set to 1/4. I'm using Gtech 7200 hard drives with Firewire800.


                I just updated to 5.5.1 and I noticed a tiny improvement.  I have Final Cut open and I'm comparing how it srubs versus Premiere and there is a DRASTIC difference. I'm running an old version, FCP6, and its drastically faster in scrubbing than Premiere. 

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                  cinevita Level 1

                  Using Shift+L doesn't fix what I'm talking about.  Its still changes the pitch of the audio.  Final Cut Pro doesn't change the pitch of the audio when you play back video, no matter how fast you play it back.  Its a HUGE help when editing interviews, you can edit in double playback and still understand what's being said, big time saver.  Looks like you can't do that with premiere unfortunately.

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    Funny; I use this all the time in Premiere Pro with no issues. Since most of my editing is interviews, I'm using it frequently and am still able to get things done.

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                      needles27 Level 3

                      Your machine *may* be a little underpowered - H.264 decoding is pretty CPU intensive.  I am running a MacPro 8-Core with 32GB RAM, footage on a RAID, CUDA-enabled card and I still have issues at times with H.264 decoding.  Also, it has been my experience that dropping the resolution on H.264 to half or a quarter sometimes makes the CPUs work extra hard vs. playing back full-res.  Can you take a look at what your CPUs are doing while playing and scrubbing in the activity monitor?


                      It shouldn't be happening with ProRes, though...  hm...


                      Also, again, I share your frustration with the 2x audio.  Sure you can do it incrementally, but the pitch-shift is still there.  Chalk at least one win up for FCP at the moment.

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                        Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                        As an experiment, you may want to try copying one of your AVCHD files to a local drive & seeing how it performs there.  You might be experiencing a combination of not enough CPU + i/o contention with the firewire drives...


                        But yeah, in general, Pro Res will decode easier than AVCHD.  The fast scrubbing is the tradeoff from FCP forcing you to transcode all your footage up front.

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                          Hi guys, not sure if are aware of this thread,




                          But I've found that scrubbung h264 DSLR footage was smooth as butter, but in CS5.5 it's very choppy.


                          This is what I found on my win7, cor3 i7 3.2, 24gb RAM system.


                          Hopefully adobe with fix this with an update soon