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    Spell Check trouble in RH

    Lew at Chyron Level 1

      After not using my installation of RoboHelp for 5 months, my automatic spellcheck is red-underlining perfectly ordinary, correctly spelled words (such as 'template'). If it weren't for the subsequently discovered problem, I'd just try to turn off the spell-check-as-you-go.


      I thought a roundabout way to just make this go away would be to run spell check and just 'Add' any wrongly caught words to the dictionary.


      Not only are there no suggestions for many of the wrongly caught words, but the Add button simply doesn't work.


      RH thinks words like 'template' and 'enlarge' are spelled incorrectly, and won't let me Add them? Doesn't seem right.


      Do I have a dictionary file that became uninstalled or something like that?