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    Printing Status of Buttons Missing

    tinsnip Level 1

      I'm working in InDesign CS5 on an interactive PDF presentation. My client said she'd received this type of PDF before and every "button" or popup window appeared in the side panel "Pages" window as a separate item in aaddition to teh normal pages. I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen with a very long document/interactive presentation. Can anyone suggest a way to either make that happen or perhaps another method of providing a file to the client so that they can proof all of the information (even popup boxes of text) by printing it out?


      While looking at several online tutorials about interactive PDFs I saw a series of settings for buttons that allowed you to pick various states for buttons like: "visible but does not print". When i go to the menu section of the button window, those attributes are not there. I see only: "Sample buttons", "PDF Options", Reset all buttons to normal state" and "Panel Options". Where did those controls go?


      Thanks a ton.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Printing a button is a PDF option, so it's in the PDF Options dialog box. Buttons panel menu > PDF Options.

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            tinsnip Level 1

            There is a check box in that panel to select "Button is printable" and that is checked. I might not have explained my problem very well. I think if the button is visible on the page and someone elects to print that page, the button will print. But someone described a PDF that showed every button in the left hand Page view window as a separate object and that's what they'd like to proof from. My thinking was that there might be some way to use the other attributes I mentioned above that seem to be missing from my menu. Sorry, this is confusing stuff and there may not be a solution.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              In Acrobat ( I have version 9, so I don't know what you'd see in other versions), try going to View > Navigation Panels and see if waht you want is in one of those. They can be dragged into the sidebar.

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                tinsnip Level 1

                Thanks Peter. You had me excited for a minute. But alas, no. If you've ever done one of these interactive PDFs you'll know that popups can be made by turning a text box into a button. When another button is clicked, they appear on the page. But they are hidden until activated. I'm searching for some way to make the proofreading of everything, including those popups, reasonable. My client isn't comfortable with proofing onscreen and wants to print them out. Where it gets tricky is on a page where there are multiple popups. At this point someone would have to activate the popup, print the page, then activate the next popup and printe, etc. Pretty tedious.


                Thanks though!