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    a Tracking question..

    Jason the Artist

      I think this refers to tracking.  I'm wondering if there is a way (and I'm sure there is, it seems easy enough) to have a point in video footage that I can attach an object (such as a solid, a mask, etc) and the object will follow that point through the whole video, or until I stop it.


      My reason for asking this...


      In creating a light saber battle (please forgive me, I know I'm a nerd!  Still trying to get a feel for everything!), when filming, I want to use a stick that has white tape at the very end and at the "handle".  Then in after effects, attach(i guess is the right word) the "lightsaber", such as the light saber preset, to those two white points.  Then the lightsaber preset just sticks to those white points and follows it through-out the footage.  Trying to see if there is a faster way to make the lightsaber move, other than going through frame-by-frame and moving the mask.


      Thank you guys!