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    Weird Demosaicing pattern on RAW files




      I've been a hardcore Lightroom & Camera RAW user since version 2 and over the years have built a substantial catalogue all the way up to LR 3.5RC. In my experience, LR generally does a very good job of handling all RAW files and I haven't had much complaints except for the colours from time to time. However, one of my recent experiences has left me stumped; I bought a used Olympus E-330, this is such an awesome camera, but when I load the ORF files into Lightroom, upon zooming in I see a very weird cross-hatch pattern across the entire image. This is something I haven't noticed with any other RAW software but ACR & Lightroom. This problem is so bad, it actually affects all fine detail and flat areas in the image. I've attached a sample file for reference. Has anyone had similar problems with the Olympus E-330?



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This appears to be an example of a rare but well-known maze-pattern phenomena that occurs when the two green channels (there are twice as many green pixels as there are red and blue pixels so the green pixels are split into two distinct sets) don’t have the same amplification coming off the sensor but ACR/LR treats them as if they do, or when the compensation for how much they are off isn’t enough.




          The EVOLT E330 isn’t a newly supported camera so this shouldn’t be a beta-support-not-quite-there problem, which suggests the problem has either existed for all such RAW of that model camera or your camera is has a particular issue.




          This is something Eric Chan’s group usually needs to fix, unless there is a firmware update for your camera that needs to be applied that will fix the problem from the camera’s side. 




          If Eric doesn’t reply to this thread, I’d suggest posting something about the Olympus E-330 Maze Pattern in the ACR/LR forum(s) on feedback.photoshop.com along with a link to the actual ORF file (from your own website or on www.yousendit.com or www.dropbox.com) in addition to the example you have with this post, and see if you get someone to reply, specifically, there.

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            rssarma Level 1

            Eric did respond and has acknowledged the issue as a known one. He said they will be correcting this in the next dot release. I've also sent across some sample files. Thanks for your help and for pointing me in the right direction, much appreciated.