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    Zoom shortcuts on Reader 10.1.1 and Mac OS 10.6




      I'm using Mac OS 10.6.8 and Reader 10.1.1.


      Ever since I upgraded to Adobe Reader 10 I have had problems with the zoom shortcuts (i.e. command +  , command -).


      Instead of zooming, command+ rotates the document, and command- simply does nothing. However, the problem is not always present. Usually it occurs when I first open the program, and later in the day it fixes itself, and the zoom shortcuts start working again. When I try closing and reopening at the start of the day, it doesn't fix the problem. I can't work out what it is that makes it fix itself. Today I upgraded to Reader 10.1.1 thinking this may have fixed the problem, but it's still there.


      It's very annoying. I have searched the web for others who have had a similar problem but not found anything.


      Is there a patch that can fix this that anyone knows of?



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          I have the same problem. Seems to resolve itself after several minutes. One additional piece of information - on Mac, command-option + performs a rotate, as does command-option -. The bug may be related to some confusion about which modifier keys are depressed. I am not experiencing any other problems with phantom options keys though, nor would that explain why command-option - does nothing.