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    green screen doesn't fill frame - garbage matte?


      i have recently made a chromakey green screen by pinning material to a board.


      it works well for shooting - all i have to do is stand in front of the screen and not move - but there is a problem.


      the screen is approx 7ft tall and 4ft wide, so, while it contains all of me, it doesn't fill the frame of the camera i am shooting with.


      i read that the best way to deal with this is to use garbage matte with premiere elements.


      i have attempted to do this to eliminate everything outside the green screen.


      the problem is that, when i apply videomerge, the 'green' bit disappears - fine - but where the 'green' bit finished, i have a black border, which ruins everything.


      at least two articles i read on the internet suggested garbage matte was the solution to this problem, but the black border round the outside is killing me.


      help greatly appreciated.