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    Pie Chart Legend Control


      Hi, guys.


      I am a fresh learner in Flex.


      Now. I am trying to learn how to use chart. I found all of the legend areas are displaying  to things; Color and related category.


      I want to know that is it possible that I also display category values in the legend area.


      For example, I have category A 100:  B: 200 C: 150


      The tranditional flex legend displays like 


      Color orange  A

      Color white    B

      Color red       C


      Do you guys have any idea to make the legend like this


      Color orange  A 100

      Color white    B 200

      Color red       C 150


      I checked something, it is like I need to write my own legenditem class. But I have no perfect idea about how to write it.


      Could anyone give me some ideas or help?



      Thanks million ;-)