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    How dose Project Manager work?

    abUSER23 Level 1

      I just royally screwed myself by miss using project manager and would like some clarification on how it is meant to be used for next time (assuming i have the gutz to use it again)


      I finished a rather large and messy project and wanted to simple collect ALL the content in the project and save it to a new dir, this included all source files .. everything. This way I could archive up this one dir and have the entire project ready for back up and delete all the other stuff all over the place that was taking up room and trim the project down so only stuff used in the various timelines is saved into the new dir...


      This is what i thought it did, and it seemed to.. but them when i removed all the other files, and loaded the project, i found that it didn't copy any of the video files... so the entire project is now broken and my boss is really pissed at me. YES I know this is my fault, but I am also kind of upset.


      Can someone please explain HOW I am meant to do this.. (like the collect function in after effects) Cause I just can not see what I did wrong.


      Thanks in advance