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    AE CS5.5: Motion Blur creates random twirl effects on text layer

    paul st.

      Hello @ all!


      I'm facing the following problem:


      I imported a scene rendererd out of Cinema 4D which contains few Null-objects. The Nulls are supposed to be placeholders and they have 3D-Data. They are animated.


      When i link my textlayers to the nulls and switch on motion blur, the text layers seem to be affected by a random affect. They twirl all around the scene.


      I played around with the shutter angle, but i can only avoid this unwanted effect, when i set it to zero.



      Does this have to do with a problem according to the interpretation of the coordinates exported out of cinema 4D?



      How could i solve this problem?



      Any help is appreciated....






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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sounds like a problem in the export where angles flip over when gretar than 180 degrees, a.k.a. gimbal lock. Depending on what features you used in C4D this could be perfectly normal, but it could also be a bug in the AEC export. Impossible to tell without seeing the scene, but e.g. using the Align to Spline tag does this consistently if the spline makes turns exceeding those angular limits. Just a normal limitation in that case... So more or less your issue is in C4D, not AE and you need to fix it there.