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    Memory increase  in a Flex state application


      I built a simple Flex state based video application on Flash Builder 4.5. There are 4 states. Everytime I go from State1->State2->State3 or State1->State2->State4, the memory in internet explorer increases, but is not released. What am I not deallocating?


      Source Code is here: http://bit.ly/flex_state_video1



      View from the detecting loitering objects(http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashbuilder/using/WSe4e4b720da9dedb5510654d812e4d126514-8000. html#WS6f97d7caa66ef6eb1e63e3d11b6c4d0d21-7ee8) is below


      FB Locate memory leaks.jpg



      View from the object references(http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashbuilder/using/WSe4e4b720da9dedb5510654d812e4d126514-8000. html#WS6f97d7caa66ef6eb1e63e3d11b6c4d0d21-7eef) from the topmost Object in the 'loitering objects view' is here

      instances of an object.jpg