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    Speech to text

    BobM21 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I interview people as well as record seminars. I have never used text to speech and see how it can save me a ton of editing time.  I use a panasonic hmc 40 that gives me .mts files when loaded into my computer.    I tried importing into premiere pro which I can easily edit , but it seems speech to text or the analyze button. Is greyed out.  


      Does premiere pro not support .mts  files for speech to text.





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You need to maintain the AVCHD folder structure (that's the PRIVATE folder and everything in it) in order for transcription to work. Without the folder structure, Premiere Pro cannot generate XMP metadata files which are required to store the transcription metadata associated with each clip.


          If you follow this practice, the Analyze button will become available.

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            BobM21 Level 1


              So I need to drag the entire file structure from my ad card  instead of just the .mts files?

            do I import the mts files into premiere and premiere will reference back to those folders




            Thanks Bob

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              BobM21 Level 1

              Thanks Colin. Is that a practice that I should do every time I bring my clips into my computer ,  bringing in the entire file structure in.



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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Hi Bob,


                Yes, that's correct: everything on the SD card, from the root on down, should be copied to your hard drive. Technically, I think you can get away with only the AVCHD folder and its contents (it's inside the PRIVATE folder), but I've just made it SOP to copy the whole shebang. Each card would go into some sequentially named/number folder, so that you can keep organized, e.g. Card001, Card002, etc.


                The AVCHD folder structure is pretty complex, and Premiere Pro requires every bit of it in order to give you expected functionality. I can't recall if the HMC40 records timecode, but if it does, you'll need the folder structure in place to maintain it. Here's an image diagramming the AVCHD folder structure:




                Crazy stuff, eh? Fortunately, all you have to do is drop that top-level folder onto your drive, and import into Premiere Pro using the Media Browser, and then you can edit away.


                Hope that helps...

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                  BobM21 Level 1

                  Thanks for saving me hours of work ,  probably would not have found that path to solve my confusion .


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