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    Coping and Pasting to a New Sequence -- Issues

    Scorpio Director

      Dear Intelligent People --


      I'm cutting some RED camera footage on 5.5. I had been editing the sequence in 4K, but I needed to make a 1080p copy.


      So, I selected all the footage in my 4K sequence (It's about an hour and a half long) and then pasted into a newly created 1080p sequence. At first glance, it looked just fine (Outside of the obvious need to alter the frame size). But upon closer inspection I noticed that there were many gaps between shots, and in some cases my transitions (mostly simple dissolves) were either misplaced, or just not working.


      Any idea what could possibly be wrong?


      Signed --

      A Confused Final Cut Pro Convert in Rhode Island.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Hi ConFCPConRI


          Your sequence timebases don't match. For example, your original might have been 24p, and you pasted into a 23.976 sequence. The timebases of the sequences will have to match in order to maintain the correct edit points.


          That said, you might not have to copy and paste your sequence at all. If you need a 1080p export, you could export directly to that from your 4K sequence. Alternatively, you could create a 1080p sequence (with the correct timebase) and nest your 4K sequence into it like any other clip; simply scale it down to fit the frame. That way, anything you change in your 4K sequence will be automatically updated in your 1080p sequence.


          Hope that helps.

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