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    DNG sharp in Bridge/ACR, soft in PS4




      I'm new to the forum - I hope I am asking this in the right place!  I just upgraded to a D7000 and found that ACR can't read the .NEF files, so I used Lightroom to convert the files to DNG.  I've since downloaded the DNG converter and will use that in the future, as I only have the trial of LR and don't do any editing there yet.


      When I preview the photos in Bridge and open them in ACR they look nice and sharp...but when I open them in CS4 they look terribly blurry!  As a test I saved some files from PS as jpegs and then uploaded and viewed them in Flickr and they look nice and sharp there.  Any idea what settings in PS could be wonky?  Prior to today I had a D70s and used ACR/PS4 with no problem, but I didn't have to convert to DNG (and my file size was a lot smaller, not sure if that's relevant).


      Thank you for any help or ideas!!




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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Turn off OpenGL in the Photoshop preferences and make sure your issue is not just the display of the images, rather than the images, themselves, being bad.

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            mvs0711 Level 1

            Thank you - that worked! Why did that work?  Is that something I will also have to do in CS5 when I get it next month?  Thanks very much for your time.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              That wasn't really supposed to "work", but rather illustrate the resampling differences between the OpenGL-based display and the old GDI-based display.  The former is optimized for quality while the old GDI-based display (i.e., what you get when you deconfigure OpenGL) is optimized for speed.


              But you may have an OpenGL configuration problem, or even a bug in your drivers if the OpenGL-based display is coming out MUCH more fuzzy than your non-OpenGL display.


              Can you please capture your screen with each and show the result here?  Seeing whether it's the expected amount of difference between OpenGL and non-OpenGL or not, we can take this further if needed.


              Also, please list what video card you have, and your display driver version.





              P.S., Quite often downloading and installing the latest driver from the web site of the maker of your video card can solve problems with OpenGL display.

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                mvs0711 Level 1

                Hi Noel,


                Thank you for your thoughful and detailed response.  Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, but here's what I've found out. 

                *I have a Macbook Pro from 2008 with a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 512 MB video card. 

                *I have no idea what display driver version I have

                *We recently upgraded to OS X Lion 10.7.1 (within the last month)

                *Last week I upgraded my camera to a D7000 which significantly increased my file size (vs the D70s from 2005)

                *I have CS4 which doesn't read the NEF files from my new camera, so I'm converting them to DNG

                *Photos would look sharp everywhere (Bridge, Finder, saved as JPEGs and uploaded to Flickr) except for within PS4


                To make things even more strange, the problem seems to be intermittent.  I opened some photos with and without OpenGL today and took screen shots to attach here, and they look very similar - maybe a slight change in tone and sharpness, but nothing to write home about.  I checked the Nvidia site, and when I search for updated drivers for my card they don't list OS X Lion as an option for the operating system - maybe that is part of the problem?  I did a Google+ search and apparently a lot of Macbooks from 2007/2008 are having issues with this video card, and Apple is actually repairing them for free if they fail within four years of purchase.  I'm now wondering if the new file size + OS X Lion is somehow exposing an inherent weakness in the video card.  At the extreme end these cards have failed completely - I'm clearly not there yet, as my photos look fine today!  Not sure if this makes any sense.  Thank you for your help!