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    After Effects CS5 (and 5.5) Crash


      Hi guys,


      I can't seem to figure out a remedy for the cause of this crash for the life of me, despite trying the solutions I've found through out the forums, knowledgebase, and elsewhere...


      System specs:

      Dell Precision M6600, 24GB RAM, Core i7-2820QM, nVidia Quadro 4000M (w/ Optimus enabled) - Windows 7 x64, fresh installation with latest updates


      Basically I do a fresh install of AE 10 -> Launch it and sniffer_gpu.exe crashes (faulting module: igd10umd64.dll) -> AE opens -> try to open a project, AE crashes (faulting module: ntdll.dll)


      Update to, still does the same thing. Upgrade to CS5.5 trial, does the same thing.


      Tried different versions of the Intel HD graphics driver (as indicated by the sniffer_gpu.exe crash), no avail, reverted to Dell's latest recommended. Also did the same for the nVidia driver.


      Tried removing AE_opengl.aex (or something), tried disabling the already disabled "use opengl" for previews, tried renaming sniffer_gpu.exe to prevent it from launching, tried deleting the appdata / prefs, no avail.


      Tried the suggestings in Adobe's KB about troubleshooting OpenGL issues...


      Tried disabling Optimus from the BIOS, no help and not ideal for obvious reasons. Also tried setting the default GPU from Auto to the nVidia one.


      Finally reverted back to AE CS4 and it runs beautifully without problems - but I want to use CS5 because I bought it as part of the Master Collection Suite


      I'm pretty sure it has to do with the GPU detection on an Optimus chipset SPECIFICALLY with AE CS5. Premiere and Photoshop (CS5, 64-bit) detect my GPU correctly and run with the the nVidia card. In AE CS5, after sniffer_gpu.exe crashes and I get into the program, the preview preferences show that no video card is installed.


      My understanding is that somehow, sniffer_gpu.exe isn't doing its job properly. It could also be that nVidia Optimus doesn't have the proper rules (nvidia problem) or that the Intel drivers aren't handing off to the nVidia drivers properly, but I am out of ideas and need some suggestions... (Or perhaps Adobe should change their GPU detection method for AE because it sucks - why would photoshop detect it but AE doesn't?)


      Anyways, sorry for the frustration...