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    [VBA] Excel -> Indesign: "Can't find project or library" - how to fix?


      Good morning everybody!


      My problem this time is something weird. I developed an VBA for getting values from an Excel-Worksheet to an InDesign-Document. With my PC all is working fine. But when I start the same sheet at the PC of my boss there is this Message: "Can't find project or library"

      I tried following steps:


      1. I relinked the library

      2. I deleted the tbl file on my drive and created a new one by starting InDesign as administrator

      3. I deleted every other script tbl file (those within the userprofiles) and recreated them by starting InDesign

      4. I tried registering the tbl with regsvr32, but Windows always told me this file is not compatible


      My boss and I are both working with Windows 7 64Bit. The only difference is, I'm working with ultimate and he is using professional.


      Any suggestions how we can fix this problem?


      With kind regards,