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    InDesign CS5 Export to Epub error


      I have a book compiled in CS5 that is giving me a peculair error when I try to export to it EPUB. I should say that I exported it earlier with no difficulty, then later made a few changes and tried to re-export, which is when the problem arose. I built a new version of the book document, and it has the same difficulty. It preflights and exports to PDF with no problems. All links are intact.


      This is the error message:


      Error: Exporting "cover.indd" as XHTML failed. Couldn't create folder "". There might not be sufficient space available, or you  may not have permission to create files in this location.


      The file name in question is the first file in the book - it repeats this message for every chapter. When it's done there is an empty epub doc.


      Needless to say I have plenty of space, and no permission problems. I work on a Mac running Lion, for what it's worth. Any help would be appreciated.

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          Michael J DeLuca

          I'm having this same issue, also on OS X Lion. I was able to avoid the error by selecting the Images tab under XHTML Export Options and setting "Copy Images" to "Link to Server Path". It's a reasonably functional workaround: in the resulting html, the image source is set to the filename of the image with no path (e.g. <img src="[some_img_filename.jpg]">), after which you can  manually optimize the images (if required) and copy them to the same directory as the generated  XHTML file.