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    Future of Flash Player

    AntuanSoft Level 1

      Hi! from Spain


      We are a group of developers who enjoy programing with flex and believe that Flash Builder and BlazeDs with Java are the best tecnologies to implement Large Enterprise applications.


      We believe that the application we want to make have to run in Computers, laptops and mobile phones and we think that Flex is the best tecnology to do that.


      We are in a enterprise that is going to invest money in a ambicious project with flex, and now we know that i could be successfull but ¿in the future?


      We are scared about the general feeling of the internet comunity that html5 + javascript is better than flash, Flash Player is no loger required for Apple and Microsoft in mobile phones, and the news about the new Microsoft 8 metro where there will be no flash player.


      Somedoby (users, developers, evangelist, etc...)  are worried about this feeling?.


      What  are the adobe plans to change the general feeling?


      Are Adobe going to negotiate with Microsoft, Apple, etc... to keep the flash player?


      Could be better to create an AIR app than a Flash Web App?


      What is your adive for us and all the flash comunity? 


      Thanks in advance.