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    Hyperlinks in Foreign Character Sets work in Webhelp but not in CHM


      Hi All,

      I am hoping that someone can help me with a foreign character encoding puzzle please.


      I am working with the following setup:


      -Version RoboHTML 9.01

      -Win XP and Win 7 64-bit

      -Creating Webhelp and CHM RoboHelp using Linked Word files

      - All source Word files use MS Arial Unicode font in their paragraph, character and Heading styles.

      - These fonts are then transformed to their utf-8 equivalents

      - Master Page has appropriate language applied

      - Windows has been rebooted into appropriate locale


      I have created the topic body hyperlinks manually using dragand drop in the RoboHelp v9 interface


      When I produce Webhelp with this setup and change the Project Settings and Webhelp SSL output wizard to the appropriate languages I get topic hyperlinks and breadcrumb links in the topic headings working fine.


      When I produce the CHM file, something happens at compilation time that mangles all the hyperlinks in the body text and headers.


      This produces the following HTML code for hyperlinks that unsurprisingly will not render when viewed in the CHM:

      <a href="&Iuml;&icirc;&egrave;&ntilde;&ecirc;_&acirc;_&agrave;&auml;&eth;&aring;&ntilde;&iac ute;&icirc;&eacute;_&ecirc;&iacute;&egrave;&atilde;&aring;.htm">


      Is this a problem that can be worked around in some way please?


      I have several foreign language versions of the same document that I'm tyring to localize in the same project and would rather not have to use separate projects for each language.


      I would really appreciate any direct help or reference to the appropriate materials if they already exist.


      Many thanks,