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    how to write perfect refresh function for each module in flex4 web application

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian Level 1

      hi all,


        I am doing web application, i am using 5 modules in that,every module in a single page.


      In this application i am using datagrid in last 3 models. the operation is same for the models, select a record from grid then click post it should move to next page.

      In that i am writting init() function . this for showing the last module posted records here while i am entering this model.

      At the panel initializing time the records loading and showing in the gird,


      i written refresh function for this .


      But some times the function working properly and show the records in grid.

      some time it wont show the records.


      refresh function not working properly..



      looking for usful suggession,