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    Combine/Split video files


      What is the best way to combine or split video files?  I have found a third party program that will do this (ScenalzyerLive), but I would think that Adobe Premiere or Photoship could to this as well.  I am less concerned about using Premiere to create great videos to burn to a dvd than to quickly combine my short videos into one video clip (i.e. 13th birthday).  Conversely, I would like to split my long videos that are 2 hours long from my old, old 1992 camcorder (Sony Video 8 TRV21 Handycam with .avi files) into much shorter segments. 


      With technology today, I think a lot of people simply want to combine and split videos instead of create great transitions from one scene to another.  Espceially now that you can use remote into your computer from your iphone to play videos (i.e through AirVideo).  Ease of finding relevant and organized clips is getting more important.