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    HTML5 menus

    Mr. Noman Aziz

      Anyone tell me how to code/design html5 drop down menu in dreamweaver.


      see menu example: Yahoo Homepage Drop Down Menu http://www.yahoo.com Website.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not quite sure you understand what you are asking so I'm going to try to break this down a bit.


          The web is broken down into a few classes of languages:


          -HTML-This is the language that displas the page, the end result, what the end user sees

          -CSS- This it the style language.  This tells the browser how to display things in HTML.  Includes: colors, width x height, rounded corners, bold, etc.

          -XML- This is the data language.  Data is stored in a flat file, usually used for dynamic content (ie: quick sort) or for feeds, etc.

          -PHP/ASP server languages - These are pre-processing instructions that can control the other 3 classes.


          The reason why I did all this is because HTML5 serves one major purpose, replacement of Flash.  Unless you are doing something really crazy with your website then I don't think the menus you are looking for are HTML5.  They are either JQuery, Spry, etc.  WIth that said, have you looked at the Spry menus in DW?  And if you are open to commercial options have you looked at Project Seven? http://projectseven.com/