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    New and Needing Help


      Hello All,


      I am looking to design a datasheet for some products in my company. I would like it to be a folder, with one pocket that would be able to have a changeable sheet. I have never used Adobe InDesign so I am very overwhelmed as to where to even begin. My question is, what should I buy to do this? Do I buy the whole software package, or is there a smaller piece I can just buy?


      Also, is there some way I can make a template/be assisted in making a template for this folder/datasheet project? Once I generate a template, it will just be a matter of changing around the pictures and information for each product. If not, does anyone know of a site that would help me understand this better?


      I really appreciate your input!





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          InDesign is professional layout software that you can't master in an afternoon. There is no "light" version.


          ID is, indeed, the correct software for doing layout work that involves multiple pages, extensive text, or lots of mixed text and graphical objects. You may also need Photoshop and Illustrator if you need to edit photos or create/edit drawings. You can buy a creative suite bundle that has all three (there are several packages) at a discount over the individual applications. If yo are a Student, look into educational pricing.


          As far as templates, folders are generally a specialty item and the companies that produce them (they're called "converters" in the trade) will more than likely have some sort of templates available to fit their dies. These may not be actual InDesign documents, but should be in a format that can be placed in the background of an ID document if not so you can use them as a pattern. You don't have to use one of these templates, but it's a good idea, and you should find out who will be producing the folder and check with them before starting the layout.


          As far as training, Lynda.com has good vido classes, and Sandee Cohen's Visual Quickstart Guide to InDesign is the number one recommended beginners book here. There are also a number of other websites you may find helpful, like theIndesigner.com or InDesignSecrets.com