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    Old Director 6.5 Applications and Win 7


      I have some old programs that we are trying to see if we can still use them or not.


      They were created with Director 6.5. 


      The programs will run on our new Win 7 machines but the video display is really bad.

      Colors are missing or the graphics look blocky.


      Even with compatability mode 640x480 with 256 colors still looks really bad.


      Is there a way to view the application properly with Win 7?




      Appreciate the help.



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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          You are probably going to need to upgrade the project to a more recent version of Director.  Dir 6 was 16-bit I think, and that is a little old for modern OSes to handle.


          If you just want to be able to view the programs for yourself, in a static environment (as opposed to releasing them for the general public), you may be able to install a Virtual Machine with an older OS on it and play the program that way.  I use a Mac primarily, but I have VMs using Parallels for Win98, XP, Vista, and 7 that I can use for regressions like this.  Similar programs exist for PCs, like virtualbox, or Win7 Ultimate's built-in XP mode.


          This is of course too many hoops for average users to go through, so if you want regular people to use the software, then you will probably just need to suck it up and upgrade it (or redo it in a more modern program)

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            yannella Level 1

            Yeah I was on the same page with the "suck it up and upgrade it" as well.  lol


            Wanted to double check, on the off chance there was a way.


            Thanks for your help.