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      The existing code: The structure of 2 movieclips (_root.mymainA_mc.lxP_mc   and  _root.mymainB_mc.lxT_mc)


      items are dragged in to the above mentioned 2 movieclips. For both movieclips, the droptarget is controlled by a single code.



              if(eval(this._parent._droptarget)._parent._name.indexOf("lx")==0 || eval(this._parent._droptarget)._name.indexOf("lx")==0 || eval(this._parent._droptarget)._parent._name.indexOf("mymain")==0 || eval(this._parent._droptarget)._name.indexOf("mymain")==0){


                     var mc:MovieClip = eval(this._parent._droptarget)._parent; \\  if the above condition is true, drop only to either mymainA_mc or to mymainB_mc  (not inside lxP_mc or lxT_mc)


      I want the user to be allowed to drop items in to any area within mymainA_mc or mymainB_mc regardless if it's drop onto lxP_mc or lxT_mc. But when it's dropped, I want the item to always be in mymainA_mc or mymainB_mc and not in lxP_mc or lxT_mc. Hope this makes sense.


      Basically anything dropped on to the droptarget (mymainA_mc or mymainB_mc) should be inside mymainA_mc or mymainB_mc.


      The above code works except for the droptarget always being mymainA_mc or mymainB_mc.


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