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    Text box problem CS5/3

    Crow Jane



      I work for a publishing company and we've recently upgraded to CS5, having come straight from CS3 and skipping CS4 entirely.

      Obviously this has caused various problems with our files, as once we or our freelancers save in CS5 we cannot save back to CS3 without 4 etc....


      We had a file accidentally saved in 5 when it needed to stay in 3, so a way round it we thought would be just recreate the file size in 3, copying over the text and image boxes etc. But when i copy a box over from 5 to 3, it appears in 3 as an image! The text isn't editable!

      Is this normal? Am i missing something really obvious and vital here? It seems weird, but is it just the same reason that you need CS4 in order do any of this sort of stuff?!


      Anything I can do?


      I am running Adobe software on Mac OSX.


      Hope someone can help!