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    Link objects?

    jdldn Level 1

      If I have 2 squares, is there a way in fireworks of putting a line between them so I can move each square independently of the other, and the line automatically moves so they are still connected by it?


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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Sounds like you're looking for site mapping or flowcharting capabilities, yes? There is a connnector line tool in the vector tools, but it won't retain a connection between objects

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            smartwebby Level 1



            It's not possible to do this with ordinary paths but yes there are a few tools which can help you - The 3D Box and Cube Auto Shape are a couple. They can be found in the Shapes panel (Windows >> Auto Shapes). The Cube auto shape in particular will give you what you are looking for. Once you have set the boxes the way you want with the connectors you can ungroup and delete unwanted parts of the cube as required.


            Hope this helps.


            - Anita