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    Component Hell

    candyandcode Level 1
      Hello all,
      i started to use components to try and speed some things up ( more into easy things up since components are supposed to make things easier )
      but got an even bigger problem while trying to make some things easy.

      point is i put an Accordion Component in the stage and fead some swfs into it with actionscript
      ok, so it loads great !
      now i wanted my loaded swf ( the one that was loaded into the component ) to communicate with it,
      let's say my swf is an animation with 10 frames and on the last one it has an action that says _root.myVar = 1;
      now i tried to grab that var into the swf loader movie ( that would be the Accordion component ) and i get myself into a no way scenario.
      So from Accordion component i can load a swf and even send an action into the loaded swf using an EventListener, but the other way around is a no go.

      Anyone has any ideas on this one, i'm clueless.
      Best Regards,