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    Trouble Printing PDF Attachments in Outlook as "Fit to Printable Area"


      If this has been discussed before, I apologize. I wasn't able to find the exact problem...


      We use Outlook 2007 and Reader X here in my office. When we try to print an email w/ a PDF attachment, the attachment is not printing as "Fit to Printable Area," resulting in very tiny printed PDFs. If we open the PDF on its own, "Fit to Printable Area" is selected by default and the attachment prints as it should. The weird thing is... this is only a problem for some users. For others, the attachments always print as "Fit to Printable Area," even when printed at the same time as the email. Is there some kind of default setting for "Fit to Printable Area" that specifically applies to PDF email attachments? Is there some other reason why this problem only affects some users? Everyone is using Windows XP and we're all going to the same printer.





      EDIT: Does any one have any ideas on this at all? Thanks again.