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    services-config best practices for ADEP

    Mike Britton

      I need to establish a services-config.xml to connect to LCDS from my ADEP project.  Are there any best practices I should be aware of with respect to ADEP / LCDS interaction in this regard?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Mike Britton Community Member

          I guess I should have titled this "channelset-config setup instructions".  I need to know how to do this.  I have the endpoint URL to my service...so where do I add it and how do I connect to it?


          Thanks in advance!

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            Mike Peterson Community Member

            Hi Mike. You can use the CRXDE Lite editor to modify the services-config.xml file for a Data Services application deployed to the Experience Server.

            When you are in CRXDE Lite, navigate to:



            Open the services-config.xml, make your changes, and click the Save All button.


            After that, when you create a new "Flex for ADEP Experience Services" project in Flash Builder, the channelset-config information will be copied from the services-config.xml file into a channelset-config.xml file that gets added to the dataservices directory of your Flex project and is also added to the mxmlc compiler options for your project.