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    Printer dialog, selecting printer with kestroke doesn't work


      I support users who are accustomed to opening PDF's, pressing Ctrl+P to get to the print dialog box, and then since the cursor is still in the printer "Name" field, they press the first letter of the printer name and hit [Enter] to print.  This has worked for several versions of Adobe Reader.  But with Adobe Reader X, this does not work.  While the name of the printer changes, print does not go to that printer, but to the default or last selected printer.  If the user opens the dropdown of named printers and selects from the list, Adobe properly prints to that printer.    You can duplicate this by selecting to print, and with the cursor in the Name field, type the first letter of a different printer and observe the printer is selected.  Now select the Properties box, and you do NOT get the properties for the printer you just selected, but for either the default or previously selected printer.  You must open the printer name drop down.  


      Have others experienced this problem or know a work-around?